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  Section II Use of English
  The idea that some groups of people may be more intelligent than others is one of those hypotheses that dare not speak its name. But Gregory Cochran is 1 to say it anyway. He is that 2 bird, a scientist who works independently 3 any institution. He helped popularize the idea that some diseases not 4 thought to have a bacterial cause were actually infections, which aroused much controversy when it was first suggested.
  5 he, however, might tremble at the 6 of what he is about to do. Together with another two scientists, he is publishing a paper which not only 7 that one group of humanity is more intelligent than the others, but explains the process that has brought this about. The group in 8 are a particular people originated from central Europe. The process is natural selection.
  This group generally do well in IQ test, 9 12-15 points above the 10 value of 100, and have contributed 11 to the intellectual and cultural life of the West, as the 12 of their elites, including several world-renowned scientists, 13. They also suffer more often than most people from a number of nasty genetic diseases, such as breast cancer. These facts, 14, have previously been thought unrelated. The former has been 15 to social effects, such as a strong tradition of 16 education. The latter was seen as a (an) 17 of genetic isolation. Dr. Cochran suggests that the intelligence and diseases are intimately 18. His argument is that the unusual history of these people has 19 them to unique evolutionary pressures that have resulted in this 20 state of affairs.
  1. [A] selected [B] prepared [C] obliged [D] pleased
  2. [A] unique [B] particular [C] special [D] rare
  3. [A] of [B] with [C] in [D] against
  4. [A] subsequently [B] presently [C] previously [D] lately
  5. [A] Only [B] So [C] Even [D] Hence
  6. [A] thought [B] sight [C] cost [D] risk
  7. [A] advises [B] suggests [C] protests [D] objects
  8. [A] progress [B] fact [C] need [D] question
  9. [A] attaining [B] scoring [C] reaching [D] calculating
  10. [A] normal [B] common [C] mean [D] total
  11. [A] unconsciously [B] disproportionately
  [C] indefinitely [D] unaccountably
  12. [A] missions [B] fortunes [C] interests [D] careers
  13. [A] affirm [B] witness [C] observe [D] approve
  14. [A] moreover [B] therefore [C] however [D] meanwhile
  15. [A] given up [B] got over [C] carried on [D] put down
  16. [A] assessing [B] supervising [C] administering [D] valuing
  17. [A] development [B] origin [C] consequence [D] instrument
  18. [A] linked [B] integrated [C] woven [D] combined
  19. [A] limited [B] subjected [C] converted [D] directed
  20. [A] paradoxical [B] incompatible [C] inevitable [D] continuous


  解析:本题测试语义逻辑衔接。 " selected" 意为 "挑选"; "prepared"意为 "准备"; "obliged"意为"迫使,责成";"pleased"意为"高兴地,满足地", 前一句"人们不敢说",本句中由"but "一词可推出意思与上句相反,即"Cochran 准备说", 所以选B.
  解析:本题测试词义辨析 。"unique"意为"唯一的, 独特的";"particular"意为"特殊的, 独特的";"special"意为"特别的, 特殊的";"rare"意为"稀罕的,珍贵的",rare bird 意为"稀有的人",空格相关意思是"只有Cochra准备说", 而且 "rare bird" 是固定搭配,所以选D
  解析:本题测试介词的语意搭配, independently of 意为"不依赖于, 独立",所以选A
  解析:本题测试副词的用法及语段的连贯性。Even 做程度副词,表示递进关系,意为"即使他自己也…".所以选C
  解析:本题测试词义搭配。空格相关意思是"一想到他即将要做的,即使他自己也…." "At thought of "意为"一看到…"; at sight of意为年"一看见";at cost of 意为"以…的代价";at risk of意为"冒着….的危险",所以选A
  解析:本题测试动词辨析。advice意为 "建议"; suggest意为"建议,提出'"; protest"主张,断言"; object"反对",此句指"在论文中, 他建议…",所以选B
  解析:本题测试词组搭配,in progress 意为"进行中";in fact 意为"事实上"; in need意为"在危难中"; in question 意为"正在被讨论的",前一句正在谈论 " group群体" ,本句衔接上一句表达"正在被讨论的这个群体",所以选D
  9. 答案:B
  解析:本题考查动词辨析。从该句中的12-15 points 可知,前面的动词是与分数相关的。score的意思是得分,打分,而其他三项没有这层意思。故答案为B。
  10. 答案:C
  11. 答案:B
  12. 答案:D
  13. 答案:A
  解析:本题考查动词辨析。选项[A]affirm意为确认,肯定,符合题意。而[B]witness常用作及物动词,表示见证,表明;[C]observe, 表示观察,评论,以人作主语;[D]意思为批准,通过的意思,也是人作主语。故答案为A。
  14. 答案:C
  15. 答案:D
  解析:本题考查固定搭配。get down to的意思是归因于,符合句意。而give up to的意思是让给,get over to的意思是让某人明白某事,carry on的意思是继续开展,坚持,均不合题意。故答案为D。
  16. 答案:D
  17. 答案:C
  解析:本题考查名词辨析。此句的意思是后者是由genetic isolation导致的结果,consequence的意思是结果,后果,故答案为C。
  18. 答案:A
  解析:本题考查动词辨析。此句Dr. Cochran的观点是这两者是密切关联的。link表示两者之间的关联或联系;integrate表示两者结合为一个整体;wave表示两者交织在一起;combine表示两者结合。只有link符合题意。故选A。
  19. 答案:B
  解析:本题考查动词辨析。subject to意为使…经受或遭受;limit to表示限制;convert to表示转变;direct to表示指向。本句的意思是说这些人不同寻常的历史使他们经受了独特的进化压力,只有B符合题意。
  20. 答案:A
  解析:本题考查形容词辨析。此处要传达的意思是独特的进化压力导致了这种似乎矛盾的状况。paradoxical 表示似乎矛盾的,似是而非的;incompatible表示不兼容的,不协调的;inevitable表示不可避免的;continuous表示连续的。只有A符合题意。

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